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Acordeon Roland FR-1XB RD - de botoes - digital - USB + MIDI - vermelho

Disponibilidade: Pre-Order
Brand: Roland

caracteristicas tecnicas em ingles


The Roland FR-1xB Red is a compact and lightweight Button type V-Accordion with advanced features.

The compact, lightweight Roland FR-1xB offers flexibility and portability with added USB functionality and advanced bellows-pressure circuitry for enhanced sensitivity and precision. With new-generation speakers onboard and an expanded 7-segment/3-character display, the FR-1x sets a powerful standard for a small lightweight accordion.

The FR-1x’s battery power and onboard speakers make it ideal for the musician on the go. Because of its compact size, it fits in the overhead storage compartment on most commercial airplanes. Enjoy instant, high-quality sound from the onboard speakers or play privately with your own headphones. Access over a dozen different accordion sounds instantly. There are even orchestral instruments onboard, as well as virtual tone wheel organs with realistic rotary effects. The FR-1x also includes onboard manual drum/percussion sounds that can be played with the bass and chord buttons!

The USB memory port allows you to easily store data such as User Program, and to upload new sounds, thanks to the USB Flash Memory. Moreover you can manage MP3 and Wave files using the optional USB Flash Memory. Their playback is a good educational application and can enhance live performances too. The USB computer port is dedicated to MIDI computer applications, such as sequencer software programs. A dedicated software program allows you to create a dedicated User Set for the FR-1x with access to all Orchestra, Orchestra Bass and Orchestra Chord sounds. It will be available on the Roland Web site as a free download. Thanks to the USB port, it will be easy to load user sets into the FR-1x.

- Full range high quality speakers on board in bass reflex box: 7 W x 2

- USB memory port for Wave/MP3 player, new-sounds upload, data loading/saving

- Professional look with friendly user interface and 7-segment LED

- Standard and Free Bass modes 16 Accordion Sets

- 16 Orchestral sounds, four Virtual Tone Wheel presets, eight User Programs

- Right hand: 62 buttons velocity sensitive

- Left hand: 72 bass buttons velocity sensitive

- Max. Polyphony 128 voices

- Tones (Accordion Set): 16 Accordion Sets (including 4 User Sets), each one including: 14 Treble registers, 7 Bass/Chord registers, 7 Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Free Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Bass registers, 7 Orchestra Chord registers

- Reed Footages: 7 Treble, 5 Bass, 3 Chord, 2 Free Bass

- Additional sounds: Uploadable from USB memory and saved on 4 User sets 41 instrument sounds

- Speakers: 9 cm x 2, 7 W x 2

- Batteries (not included) AA-type rechargeable Ni-MH x 8

- Battery life: 5-hours (speaker ON mode), 8-hours (speaker OFF mode), using Ni-MH 2000mAh batteries

- Accessories: AC Adaptor, Power cord (for connecting the AC adaptor), Owner's Manual, Reference caps for the bass buttons, Reference caps for the treble buttons, Straps, Strip for securing the adapter, MIDI and/or audio cables

- Weight: 6.4 kg / 14 lbs. 2 oz.

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