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Transformador Behringer PSU-HSB-ALL - 9V DC - 1.7A

Disponibilidade: Pre-Order
Brand: Behringer

Para Pedais e Pedaleiras de Guitarra ou outros Equipamentos d diferentes fichas de ligacao. Fonte de alimentacao 9V / 1.7A compativel com todos os conectores, jumpers e adaptadores de todos os paises.


- varias Fichas diferentes de Ligacao

- Tensao de Saida: 9V DC

- 1.7A

- Dimensoes: 6 x 13,5 x 11,5 cm

- Peso: 2 Kg


caracteristicas tecnicas em ingles


All-Country DC 9 V / 1.7 A Power Adapter with Daisy-Chain Connectors, Jumper Cables and All-Country Mains Adapters


- 1.7 A current capacity can power more than 20 effects pedals, keyboards and other DC 9 V gear

- Supplied with a full complement of connectors and jumper cords for total compatibility

- Includes 4 assorted jumper cables and 2 daisy-chain cables each with 5 connectors

- Takes up only one outlet space and frees up more room for your pedals

- Runs on any AC power supply from 100 – 240 V; worldwide usability without transformer

- Transformerless design eliminates 50/60-cycle hum and extraneous noise

- Designed and engineered in Germany


When the time comes to put your best foot forward on stage, you need the most dependable power you can get for your stomp boxes – and that’s where the PSU-HB-ALL General Purpose DC 9 V Power Adapter comes in…


The PSU-HB-ALL provides a more than generous 1.7 Amps of current for both your analog and digital devices. That’s more than enough power to handle up to 20 FX pedals, your keyboards – and practically anything else you’ve got that runs on 9 V DC!


For the ultimate in compatibility, the PSU-HB-ALL comes with 4 assorted jumper cables, plus 2 daisy-chain cables (each with 5 connectors), making it ideal for virtually all stomp boxes and effects pedals. And since it only occupies one AC outlet, you’ll have more room for stomp boxes.


Because we know your gear needs to work wherever you go, the PSU-HB-ALL runs on any AC power supply from 100 - 240 V, we included the most common mains adapters for flawless performance. And PSU-HB-ALL’s transformerless design eliminates 50/60-cycle hum and extraneous noise, making your music sound better than ever!


The PSU-HB-ALL universal power supply gives you ultimate power for your most demanding gigs – and it’s so very affordable. Visit your BEHRINGER dealer or get yours online today, and step up to the most dependable power supply you can get – the PSU-HB-ALL!

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